Gillian Anderson attends XF event at the Paley Center For Media in New York.

David at the set of Aquarius, July 21

Wicked → For Good

Track Title: Lucky

Artist: Britney Spears


Lucky | Britney Spears

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After so many years of being away from the craziness of The X-Files, what’s it like coming back to the conventions? [x]


I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you.


wow like i just got really emotional about txf/txf fandom?? like for the most part people are so genuinely nice and just so excited to welcome new people to the fandom like its just so great when someone starts to watch the x files because i always hope it has an impact on them like it did for me like. without this show i would not know my best friend. i would not have met so many incredible people that have helped me through so much of my life????? i think a lot about this show is that both mulder and scully were kinda outliers like mulder was down in the basement scully blew off a career in medicine etc its about these people who are doing what they believe in and that really resonates with so many people and especially like, brings together a bunch of people that maybe also kinda felt like they were the ones in the basement a lot, you know? idk in closing I LOVE PEOPLE THAT LOVE THE X FILES I LOVE WHEN SOMEONE LOVES THE X FILES I LOVE PEOPLE SUPPORTING EACH OTHER I LOVE THE X FILES


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