i wonder if it’s unethical to delete some of the fancier qualifications/sections from my resume and apply for a waitressing job??????

do you think they planned on ~matching tho

do you think they planned on ~matching tho


a young barney fan and her father go for a walk

I was tagged by Dana :)

(*some input from Gibson, as per request!)

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URL: bedeliadumaurier

Real life name: Erin /’n little Gibson

Nickname: I’ve never had one lol. In undergrand my best guy friend used to call me variations of “my queen” “your majesty” and whatnot and used to insist that other people do the same does that count? 

Birthday: January 17/Gibson’s is unknown sometime in April 2013?

Gender: I’m a lady and he’s a little G-man

Sexuality:  A hetero degree or two this side of asexual, honestly. Who knows about the cat.

Height: 5’10” YEAH. Gibson is just “long”  

Time zone: EST

Local time & date: September 1, 2014 3:38pm

Average hours of sleep a night: I’m pretty good about getting 7-8 now it just sometimes takes place at a weird time due to work schedule. Gibson is like double that because he has the best life. 

Last thing I googled: “er episode list” 

Most used phrases:  ”MEOW” -both of us

First word that comes to mind: ??? now i just thought of like eight words and i don’t know which one came first what a silly question

One place that makes me happy & why:  lately i’m thinking about the TIFF lightbox and all it’s glory, good things have happened there. We both love momma cat’s big queen sized bed more than anything. 

How many blankets I sleep under: I’m Canadian so it ranges from 1 to like, 6. 

Favourite beverage: really strong tea with lots of milk, SOMEONE isn’t supposed to have anything but water but if you asked him his favourite would probably be “milk i sneaked from mom’s glass when she’s not looking” 

The last movie I watched in the cinemas: yo i haven’t been to the movies in like a year? i think it was Catching Fire at Christmas actually

Three things I can’t live without:  my Gibson, “really strong tea with lots of milk,” my phone

Something I plan on learning: i want to learn to knit like honestly

A piece of advice for my followers:  I’M GOING TO TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY AND TELL YOU ALL A THING: the most critical piece of advice i would give anyone, but most especially the ladies bc we’re kinda taught not to do this, is that you gotta look out for number one. Stick up for yourself, put your needs first, demand what you deserve whenever you can. Be kind to others but don’t get caught up in being all self-sacrificing?? and it’s wonderful to have support from other people but ultimately YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE YOU CAN COUNT ON ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME. I don’t think you understand how important this concept has become to me in the last few years??? YOU’RE THE MOST IMPORTANT. yeah. 

Gibson is a cat so i feel like he’d be inclined to agree. 

**i’m always too eh to tag as much as i love doing these things FEEL FREE TO DO THIS IF YOU WANT

mulder and scully + types of kisses [insp]


Scully: “No, Mulder. Don’t jump off a bridge onto a moving train! Mulder, no.”

Mulder: “Mulder, yes!” *jumps*

tstarksbitch asked: "your mystery fanfic anon is so cute omg"

HONESTLY the second best thing to happen in my life in the whole of August 2k14

Anonymous asked: "AU where they've never met but someone gives Mulder the wrong number, Scully's, and when he calls, instead of just hanging up they start talking and accidentally talk for like 2 hours and then he starts calling her just to talk and gives her his number so she can do the same and they slowly fall in love but never meet, and after a few months of this one day they're introduced at a social gathering and recognize each other's voices and sort of gasp as they shake/hold hands and it's like, FINALLY"

anon i think you may have a career in writing sweet adorable rom-coms ahead of you i’m so ;_________;