• Critics: you gave the performance of your life, you were born to play this role, you are stunning!
  • Gillian: well, I didn't die, so I guess that's good.....
❁ sister signs ❁


it is very important that people know their sister signs, because the compatibility between two tends to get disregarded when in actuality you are the yin to their yang— their other half! it is likely that you may have had a friend/friends or a crush/crushes that were your sister sign (or the sister sign of your moon sign).

aries ➥ libra
taurus ➥ scorpio
gemini ➥ sagittarius
cancer ➥ capricorn
leo ➥ aquarius
virgo ➥ pisces

"Many successful women suffer from impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud—that you’re somehow less qualified than your peers, less deserving of success, and that you’ll be ‘found out’ if you don’t work longer and harder than everyone else."

Joyce Roche, Avon’s first African-American female vice president

Here are ten ways to overcome imposter syndrome  (ShriverReport.org) 

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The performances are superb Gillian Anderson giving the performance of her career as Blanche DuBois, the faded Southern belle of a big Mississippi mansion who has lost her home before the action begins and loses her mind by play’s end.

Petite and vulnerable, she captures the syrupy southern charm of the woman (…) As the play progresses, Anderson devastatingly captures a woman whose options are running out and who is getting ever closer to the end of her rope. Suddenly her lies and fantasies of a better life seem almost heroic, and her final crack-up is almost too painful to watch.

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even Gibson can hardly contain himself

even Gibson can hardly contain himself

A Streetcar Named Desire - Press Night - After Party 


i need a new bra, looks like it’s time to take out a fucking loan


we have all read fanfiction that we shouldn’t have


scully: mulder no

mulder: mulder yes





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